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This website is owned by Pakistan Teampoison Hackers Hey Admin Increase Your Security
I Am Not Your Enemy But Not Also Your Friend ;), Dont Blame Me Blame Your Security, You Must Have Heard About US on News , Headlines , Government charges , Blogs , online news media , etc etc, You Declared War Against Islam and we started war Against Anti-Islam Don't Dare to Attack any Pakistani Or any Muslim Country Website, You Guys are Nothing just a bunch of n00bs i hope you all know about us we silent but when we start nobody can stop us
This is A Pay back From Our Side of Hacking Pakistani Sites.. Back-off from our cyber space.. Everybody Knows whose cyber space is more vulnerable ..
You will hack 1 we will hack thousands , This was a Game for only 3 minutes. LOL. Just keep Listening :D :D Love Pakistan. Pakistan Zindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabad ,
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